Finch brings intuitive interface for the VR world

Use your virtual hands
Track all motions of your
hands and fingers in virtual space

Do not limit yourself
Work with all VR devices,
from Cardboard and GearVR
to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Interact easily
Control games, applications
and built-in keyboard with
intuitive gestures
and embedded touchpad

Feel comfortable
Work with comfort and
ease for a long period of time

Get rid of wires
Connect Finch via
wireless Bluetooth
Low Energy protocol

Use both hands
No matter what
hand to use –
left, right or both

Work more without
charging battery
Use Finch for up
to 10 hours

See your hands
in real-time
Low latency
for all actions

Enjoy position
tracking features

Soon we will launch Kickstarter campaign. Wish us a good luck!

1 November 2016

Start of devkits shipments to developers

15 October 2016

Confirming definite DK1 orders and arranging for payments

30 September 2016

Releasing three demo games for Finch including shooting range with guns and archery, boxing and sword fighting, collecting puzzles with magic spells

1 September 2016

Testing devkits prior to release (incl. design, software and UX)

3 August 2016

Early version of API is produced, working with developers feedback

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